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This wiki is being made to serve as a comprehensive collection of specifications of Gateway laptops and desktops, organized by category.


Please forgive for writing on this page, as I am unsure as to where I should add in this note other than here. I am writing to let everyone know that I believe that the Gateway computer brand name that has been used under Acer since 2007 is dead or dying out. As of late, I am seeing traces of the brand name beginning to disappear, but the Gateway website seems to remain active and does not seem to indicate any form of discontinuation at all. However, if you click the Acer store link from the Gateway website it will redirect you to the line of Acer desktops that Acer is currently selling at the moment. I have also been seeing an advertisement, whenever I Google Gateway Computers, that says "Gateway is now Acer - Gateway and Acer combine forces. Get desktops for as low as $299!" I am hoping and praying that this is only Acer trying to restructure the Gateway brand and is redirecting customers to Acer in the process. I hope that I am the only one who thinks Gateway is almost dead. Are there any other people out there who might think the same as I?

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List of Models - A list of the series of notebooks made by Gateway

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