The Gateway MX6000 series consists of 143 15.4" widescreen mid-range notebooks.


MA8 Chassis

MX6000m Series - MA8-based - Celeron / Pentium DCEdit


MA2 Chassis

MX6000 Series - MA2-based - Celeron M Edit

MX6100 Series - MA2-based w/ S-Video - Celeron M Edit


MA7 Chassis

MX6200 Series - MA7-based - Celeron M Edit


MA3 Chassis

MX6400 Series - MA2/MA3/MA7-based - AMD Turion/Sempron Edit


MA3A Chassis

MX6600 Series - MA3/MA3A-based - Pentium M Edit

MX6700 Series - MA2-based - Core DuoEdit

MX6900 Series - MA3A/MA7/MA8-based - Core/Core2 Edit

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